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Chard.Net is a website design and online marketing company that specializes in the needs of attorneys, small law firms and non-profit organizations in the legal community. We provide everything a law firm needs to start, grow and excel with their website.

Chard.Net has developed its specialty in designing websites for attorneys over most of the last decade. We understand the challenges attorneys face in marketing their practice and utilizing new technology. We keep in touch with the legal community through our clients and as frequent presenters at Bar Association and CLE events throughout the country. Everything about Chard.Net's website design and online services is built with the needs of attorneys and the legal community in mind.

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As much fun as designing websites for attorneys is, a lot of what makes us tick is giving back to the community that has helped us grow. Check out the links below for more information.


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» January
Announcing The Modern Firm, LLC
January 8th, 2008 - Posted in News - View Entire Article

Dear Current and Prospective Clients,

I am excited to report that in early January, Chard.Net will be officially changing its name to The Modern Firm, LLC.

With the name change comes a more intense focus on serving the needs of solo and small law firm lawyers. In the last 3 years we have grown in every regard. We now have an energetic and dedicated full time staff of four (five if you count the dog) and have worked with more than 200 law firms in over 20 states. As we have grown, our focus has narrowed. Though we do and will continue to work with a variety of businesses to provide professional website hosting and maintenance, we now focus our website design and marketing abilities exclusively on solo and small law firms.

The niche focus on small law firm website design and marketing is in large part responsible for the desire to change our name and image. We are consistently working with lawyers that are excited about their practice, excited about their clients, and excited about doing things their way. These lawyers are making practical use of resources on the web and technology in their office to provide a high value of service while competing directly with much larger law firms. Our clients, you, are defining what it means to be a modern law firm.

The other element that influenced the name change are the incredible professionals I’ve met while traveling and speaking at CLE conferences. These professionals, each dedicated to helping lawyers succeed, have knowledge and services that can benefit almost every lawyer. Their knowledge extends across issues such as time management, marketing, coaching, technology, career transition, ethics, practice management. I felt it was important to provide a medium through which our clients could be connected to these people. Now, through our new law practice blog, you can find a growing collection of articles and resources from these professionals and learn more about them.

All of the services currently offered by Chard.Net will continue unchanged. For attorney website design we will continue to offer multiple, easy to understand design packages. Our current hosting and website maintenance services will remain the same. We will be offering two new hosting services, including Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Modern Mega Mail, a secure delivery service for large and/or sensitive files.

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